March 11, 2010

Get Your Classroom Organized....

To all my Wonderful Teachers who deal with the today's youth, The Organized Chaos Team salutes you! 

We know that school funding, if any, of your school supplies doesn't stretch very far, so we hope we can help you save by finding special deals for you. 

The Container Store offers you a special discount for signing up on line.  They have the trendiest filing systems in colors to match every crayon in the box.  Check them out and sign up here.  All you need is your current School ID or your Teacher's Certificate.

Remember, you deserve it.  At least you can deduct some of it on your taxes. Save on the supplies up front, too.

Don't forget to send this to your fellow co-teachers...They want to save!  Container Store even have a downloadable poster for you to display in the Teacher's Lounge. 

After you get all your supplies together, Email us and we'll help you set up your room for next year! 

Happy Teaching! We support you!

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