June 5, 2017

Introducing OC Estate Sales

We have added another branch of offerings to our OC Life in Houston and Austin, TX.

Admittedly so, life is a beautiful thing.  During our time here, we have gone places and created wonderful memories and collected amazing items with our families.  However, as our loved ones move on, there is a point in time when those items need to cherished, cared for, or relinquished in an appropriate manner.

We are OC Estate Sales.  We will honor and respect your loved one's home and items after they are no longer there. OC Estate Sales Team Member are trusted professionals and will work with you in your time of loss.

Our service helps the Estate Executor price and sell all items in and around the home. We will also post larger items online for sales and/or donate any further items on your behalf. All proceeds will go to the estate less our associated set up and commission fees.

We come highly recommended from Estate Attorney's in the Houston Area.  Ask about us or request us today during your planning process.

We know the loss of a loved one can be difficult, but let us help you handle those tough times and navigate the process with precision and ease. We'll help you sell everything in the home and will partner with our Realtor to sell the house itself.

Services Include:
Packing/Shipping items to Out of State Executors
Initial Assessment and Contract Creation with Estate Attorney for Court Approvals
Estate Sale Set up and Pricing of Items
Online Listing of Items
Marketing of Sale in Area
Inventory List and Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing
Donations for Taxes
Work with a Realtor for Repairs and Final Listing

We're here to assist in your time of need.

Email: angela@organizethechaos.com
Text: 847-373-1695
Twitter/Instagram - @angelaorganizes
Offer Up: OrganizedChaos

December 5, 2014

#Create #Crafts You #Love....Magnetic Terrariums

Grab your crafts project at this cute online store, DARBYSMART.com.  They will send you curated crafts kits in the mail. It's a great way to keep your creative juices flowing without you having to waste time finding the materials.

Just open the box and make the time to enjoy your hand made product.

Check out my favorite: Magnetic Terrariums!  These little wonders are the perfect project for newbie green thumbs! Fun to assemble and low maintenance.

August 2, 2013

Why It's Awesome to be a #NERD...or #Geek

Someone far cleverer than me once said:
Hipsters are all about loving a thing and when they meet someone else who loves it, then they'll move onto something else.
Nerds are all about loving a thing and when they meet someone else who loves it, then they'll jump with joy at finding someone to share that thing with.
I'd rather share my joy!

Remember: It's National Geek Week on YouTube, August 4- 10.  
Find your Channel! 

July 19, 2013

What is EBATES? A Scam or Awesome?

Just my thoughts and experience with EBATES!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

You're probably here to learn more about whether this service is actually worth your while AND does it do what it claims...Give you cash back for your online purchases?

Well, I'm writing this article because all my friends see me get some pretty cool things in the mail.  And they usually wonder the following to which I provide the following answers:

Q: How can I afford to shop online so much?
A: EBATES helps me save money on my purchases.

Q: What is EBATES?
A: EBATES gives me cash back on each purchase I make online.

Q: Is EBATES a Scam? It sounds too good to be true".
A: Not that I can tell.  I feel like I'm scamming them, actually!

So I'm writing this article to shut down the speculation of this being a scam.  I hate the very word scam and I would never participate in one.  I'm about justice for all, especially when it comes to customer service and me spending my hard earned money with a company for it's services or products.

I've been a member since 2010 and I used it with caution and skeptically for the first year or so.  Then I got a check in the mail for money back on purchases I had made.  I couldn't fathom why this could be either.

Then I learned about affiliate marketing.  Check out a link here.  Essentially, EBATES is cool with all the major stores and they get a kick back for referring shoppers to the online stores. They are just sharing the monies with us as cash back after our purchase is made. I'm not mad at that...AT ALL!

So instead of these stores trying to contact us directly with advertising that we might ignore, they rely on EBATES to do a portion of their marketing/advertising to us through the cash back mantra. They are smart and know we can't resist.

This works for me because I am literally disgusted with shopping in stores. I began using EBATES even more over the past few years. I love online shopping and most of the major retailers I love are apart of the service.

Here are a list of my faves and most give generous cash back amounts:
-Ann Taylor Loft
-Old Navy
-Bed Bath and Beyond
-Barnes and Noble
-Crate and Barrel
-Native Remedies

I also have used this service to receive cash back on deal sites where I'm already saving money.  Sites like LivingSocial and Groupon give a nice percentage back on your purchases.  

I've even purchased deals for travel on EBATES.  You can book rental cars, vacation packages and hotels through specific companies like Dollar Rental Cars/Marriott Hotels, or through a discount site like AirportRentalCars.com/Hotels.com.

If you don't see your store online, but are looking for a specific item, use EBATES' search tool. 
I had been searching for Debbie Meyer's Green Bags online. I remembered EBATES and that they can suggest a participating EBATES store that sells it. The Green Bags were at  BedBathandBeyond.

Win/Win...I've found my product at a store I already love.  I got cash back through EBATES and I applied a 20% BBB coupon to my order on the retailer's site during checkout.

Best Things about EBATES:
-Think of it like a rewards program on your credit card, except I get a check in the mail every 2 months.
-It doesn't care if I use other methods to save on my purchases.  The EBATES tracking link puts the percentage of the cash in my EBATES account based on the final purchase amount.
-I can use retailer promotion codes, coupons, and even pay with my rewards credit card to save money on my purchase.

Every little bit helps! I have gotten over $200 dollars back on my purchases this year already. I'm expecting a $40 dollar check in August.  Not bad for just buying what I already needed online.  I now get all my essentials online now like toilet paper, soap and deodorant. Even my all natural vitamins come from a store called Native Remedies that I found on EBATES!

Want to find out more about EBATES!

SIGN UP today and they'll give you a gift card to one of their major stores!

Still think it's a scam?
EBATES is a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating!
EBATES is free to join and they give you free cash back on your online purchases.
First Time Members of EBATES get a $10 gift card to one of their major partner stores.

Check out their commercial below with real customers on YouTube.

What are the exact steps for cash back? 

Step One: Sign up for EBATES.

Step Two: Find the store where you want to shop.

Step Three: Once you find the store, click Shop Now. Look for any coupon codes that say free shipping or money off. You can use that in the promo code field at check out on the site.

Step Four: EBATES creates a tracking ticket for you. Be sure to not close that page before you complete your purchase or your tracking for that purchase may be lost.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

February 4, 2013

Should We Give Google+ More Love+?

Should We Give Google+ More Love+?

Read this article about how Google+ is slated to be the newest, hottest thing this year.

I know I was born a year too late to be a Gen-Y'er, however, I love all things social. It has changed our world and how we communicate. It's fascinates me that the news, now gets it's news from Twitter. But with liking everything social for personal use, I never got into Facebook!

I find that I don't really participate on the platform. I tend to think people are being fake, or too opinionated, or they are releasing way to much information into the world. I often feel intruded upon like everyone is awaiting to my next move to judge if I'm interesting enough to be on their newsfeed.  From a business perspective, I'm totally pushing back on Facebook because they can't make up their mind about their format.  I hate the contstant changes.  It's made my social media business crazy with all the new upgrades.  They are NOT enhancements if no one wants them or can't use them.  Now it seems I have to know coding to add links outside of Facebook or incorporate other tools into the pages. I get it, keep everyone inside the realm of Facebook.  Nothing else outside of Facebook is important. 

Funny, as a Gen-X'er with Gen-Y characteristics, I find that Google+ has been overlooked for some time in the market.  My friends and I love it  because of the very fact that I can chat face to face with my friends, I can privatize my messaging and group people into categories like Family, Friends, Associates, Business clients.  It's just so much more user friendly and less intrusive. Is it for the more sophisticated, tech saavy patron or for those that doesn't want their business in the streets?  Just personal opinion and questions. 

Though Facebook holds the record for most profiles and it's seen as the most prominent way to advertise via pay-per-click and businesses strive to have fans on facebook because of the array of customer stock, I'm just not into it, though I see it's importance.

This article really helped me put some things into perspective and has made me consider utilizing Google+ more for all my business clients.  Maybe I've just overlooked a good thing all this time, as I only recognized its use as a patron and didn't see it for a business tool.

What do you think?

November 30, 2012

New Store Front for OC

I love e-Commerce.  Setting up the online store front and designing the pages and even adding the content is all fun for me.  What will I sell today? So exciting.

I've helped TryingTwenties over the years with their e-Commerce store fronts and decided that my own small business needed one, too!

So, I am happy to announce that Organized Chaos now has a store tab to shop for those trash to treasure items that I've supported in helping my clients get rid of.

What they didn't want, is now something that you may want.  From clothes, to natural healthcare to skin care needs, we have all those things that were once impulse purchases that are now cleared out of the homes because of non-use. 

I helped these clients REMOVE the new or gently used items that they didn't need or want and now you can REUSE them for a small charge. The money goes back to the original owner and it's a WIN -WIN!

Someone in New Jersey already purchased a used once GE antenna for 8 bucks.

See what we have in store...literally. You can even click on the icon on the right side to see what's offered.  New items will be added daily to our secure online store.  You can even pay with PayPal.

Happy Shopping!

November 29, 2012

Welcome our Newest Client - NewlyName.com

I am so happy to welcome my newest client, NewlyName.com.  The owner found me via a reference of another small business I've been able to aide in helping navigate the world of online marketing.   I love the concept of this brand! 

Shaneka Henderson, Owner, dreaded changing her name after her nuptials back in 2009. 
As many persons who are engaged or newly married, most have heard it's a hassle and a tedious task to take on your new mate's name. 

So Shaneka made it a simple online process with a low flat fee and created NewlyName.com.  Easy, Convenient and only a Small price to pay. It's definitely well worth your sanity to not have to schlep all over town to drop off paperwork at the courthouse, Social Security, DMV and passport offices. 

Getting married soon? Save the Date to change to take on your mate's name at NewlyName.com.

P.S.  She can also handle changing your name back after a divorce.  We personally hope you and your mate live happily ever after!