February 4, 2013

Should We Give Google+ More Love+?

Should We Give Google+ More Love+?

Read this article about how Google+ is slated to be the newest, hottest thing this year.

I know I was born a year too late to be a Gen-Y'er, however, I love all things social. It has changed our world and how we communicate. It's fascinates me that the news, now gets it's news from Twitter. But with liking everything social for personal use, I never got into Facebook!

I find that I don't really participate on the platform. I tend to think people are being fake, or too opinionated, or they are releasing way to much information into the world. I often feel intruded upon like everyone is awaiting to my next move to judge if I'm interesting enough to be on their newsfeed.  From a business perspective, I'm totally pushing back on Facebook because they can't make up their mind about their format.  I hate the contstant changes.  It's made my social media business crazy with all the new upgrades.  They are NOT enhancements if no one wants them or can't use them.  Now it seems I have to know coding to add links outside of Facebook or incorporate other tools into the pages. I get it, keep everyone inside the realm of Facebook.  Nothing else outside of Facebook is important. 

Funny, as a Gen-X'er with Gen-Y characteristics, I find that Google+ has been overlooked for some time in the market.  My friends and I love it  because of the very fact that I can chat face to face with my friends, I can privatize my messaging and group people into categories like Family, Friends, Associates, Business clients.  It's just so much more user friendly and less intrusive. Is it for the more sophisticated, tech saavy patron or for those that doesn't want their business in the streets?  Just personal opinion and questions. 

Though Facebook holds the record for most profiles and it's seen as the most prominent way to advertise via pay-per-click and businesses strive to have fans on facebook because of the array of customer stock, I'm just not into it, though I see it's importance.

This article really helped me put some things into perspective and has made me consider utilizing Google+ more for all my business clients.  Maybe I've just overlooked a good thing all this time, as I only recognized its use as a patron and didn't see it for a business tool.

What do you think?

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