November 30, 2012

New Store Front for OC

I love e-Commerce.  Setting up the online store front and designing the pages and even adding the content is all fun for me.  What will I sell today? So exciting.

I've helped TryingTwenties over the years with their e-Commerce store fronts and decided that my own small business needed one, too!

So, I am happy to announce that Organized Chaos now has a store tab to shop for those trash to treasure items that I've supported in helping my clients get rid of.

What they didn't want, is now something that you may want.  From clothes, to natural healthcare to skin care needs, we have all those things that were once impulse purchases that are now cleared out of the homes because of non-use. 

I helped these clients REMOVE the new or gently used items that they didn't need or want and now you can REUSE them for a small charge. The money goes back to the original owner and it's a WIN -WIN!

Someone in New Jersey already purchased a used once GE antenna for 8 bucks.

See what we have in store...literally. You can even click on the icon on the right side to see what's offered.  New items will be added daily to our secure online store.  You can even pay with PayPal.

Happy Shopping!

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