November 29, 2012

Welcome our Newest Client -

I am so happy to welcome my newest client,  The owner found me via a reference of another small business I've been able to aide in helping navigate the world of online marketing.   I love the concept of this brand! 

Shaneka Henderson, Owner, dreaded changing her name after her nuptials back in 2009. 
As many persons who are engaged or newly married, most have heard it's a hassle and a tedious task to take on your new mate's name. 

So Shaneka made it a simple online process with a low flat fee and created  Easy, Convenient and only a Small price to pay. It's definitely well worth your sanity to not have to schlep all over town to drop off paperwork at the courthouse, Social Security, DMV and passport offices. 

Getting married soon? Save the Date to change to take on your mate's name at

P.S.  She can also handle changing your name back after a divorce.  We personally hope you and your mate live happily ever after!

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