June 5, 2017

Introducing OC Estate Sales

We have added another branch of offerings to our OC Life in Houston and Austin, TX.

Admittedly so, life is a beautiful thing.  During our time here, we have gone places and created wonderful memories and collected amazing items with our families.  However, as our loved ones move on, there is a point in time when those items need to cherished, cared for, or relinquished in an appropriate manner.

We are OC Estate Sales.  We will honor and respect your loved one's home and items after they are no longer there. OC Estate Sales Team Member are trusted professionals and will work with you in your time of loss.

Our service helps the Estate Executor price and sell all items in and around the home. We will also post larger items online for sales and/or donate any further items on your behalf. All proceeds will go to the estate less our associated set up and commission fees.

We come highly recommended from Estate Attorney's in the Houston Area.  Ask about us or request us today during your planning process.

We know the loss of a loved one can be difficult, but let us help you handle those tough times and navigate the process with precision and ease. We'll help you sell everything in the home and will partner with our Realtor to sell the house itself.

Services Include:
Packing/Shipping items to Out of State Executors
Initial Assessment and Contract Creation with Estate Attorney for Court Approvals
Estate Sale Set up and Pricing of Items
Online Listing of Items
Marketing of Sale in Area
Inventory List and Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing
Donations for Taxes
Work with a Realtor for Repairs and Final Listing

We're here to assist in your time of need.

Email: angela@organizethechaos.com
Text: 847-373-1695
Twitter/Instagram - @angelaorganizes
Offer Up: OrganizedChaos

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