May 9, 2011

NEW**Social Media Management Services

Organized Chaos can perform Social Media Management for your Small Business. We will help you meet your goals for the year by connecting with more potential customers and engage them in conversation through informative blog posts, newsletters, Facebook postings, Tweets, and LinkedIn Profile connections.   

We can direct the entire social media setup for your small business.  Setup includes an analysis of your needs and desires and based on that consultation, we can build your back end information with domain name purchases and forwarding, email re-routing, and linking all social media programs together for a more cohesive campaign.  Add on services include low cost logo generation, site page writing services, marketing and promotion ideas and themes to connect with your target audience.

Contact us for a consultation today.  We're here to help small businesses identify low-to-no cost solutions to conquer the Social Media Giant and narrow the playing field with your competitors.  Today's consumer seeks to suggest ideas and solve their friends' problems.  They also like to be informed by friends on what services and products are new, hot and a must have.  Let Organized Chaos position your name in the webisphere with our low cost services. 

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