August 9, 2010

Get organized with IKEA....

The new 2011 IKEA Catalog is out! 

My mom reminisces about being excited about the Sears Catalog coming out each year.  She would have to fight her two older brothers to peruse the pages of what they called, The Wish Book. 

The IKEA Catalog is every modern home stager's, home decorator's, and DIY weekender's Wish Book!   If you are like me, then you have every year's catalog aligned on a bookshelf, patiently awaiting the addition of the upcoming year's look book.  Every young, hip, professional has this as apart of their repertoire of home design and organization ideas.

I often joke that I'm addicted to the actual store itself.  I enjoy studying this textbook of decor and then researching the website for other items that match, and compiling shopping lists in my account, only to plan my actual trip to the store and waste time looking at everything else...LOL

It's still good to have a list though! Go online today and order your catalog to come to your home...And it's also available online to browse if you want to save some trees.  Since this is a collectors edition for me, I will have mine mailed to me ASAP.  The 2005 to 2010 catalogs are lonely.... :(

Remember, IKEA is filled with great furniture solutions for all your needs with an emphasis on storage space.  Vow to get your home organized this year.  It's on my personal to do list since I've just moved.  I already have curtains from IKEA ready to hang.

Do you hate the hustle and bustle of IKEA, droning down the isles with other excited shoppers while you want to poke your eyes out with one of those little yellow pencils?  Call me today! I'll help you plan your space and do the shopping for you.   I even enjoy the challenge of assembly!

I love IKEA!


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