August 3, 2010

ReUse....the closet doors?

Sure, why not?!  Here's the cutest and multi purpose use for an old bi-fold closet door.  I have about 6 in my home from a past reno that are in my garage collecting dust.  I saw this cute idea on Better Homes and Gardens and am anxious to try it out. 

"Create a mail center from an old shutter. To reuse a cast-off shutter, sand and paint or stain the piece deep brown. Remove the slats from the top half with a handsaw. Screw a piece of plywood over the back of the open area, then glue a layer of cork over the wood. Cover the cork with decorative fabric. Use pretty thumbtacks to display notes on the corkboard. Stash mail in the bottom slots."

Can't wait to see how this Do-it-Yourself project pans out.  I know that this will look super cute in my office. I'll take pics once the project is complete.

Another great way to ReUse something after you've ReDesigned it.

Try this nifty and neat weekend project yourself.  If not, give me a call and I can handle it for you. 

Happy Painting,

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