September 19, 2011

Organize Your eCommerce Site...Help for You!

Do you have an awesome product to sell, but can't figure out how to get it online?

Are you confused about eCommerce and what platform to use to get your product seen?

Are you fed up with hearing about all the selections of options, templates and html codes?

Do you hate loading inventory and keeping it updated from one platform to another?

Check out this article on selecting a Shopping Cart platform and make the decision based on your needs. 

You may not have the time to research and figure out which one will best suite your inventory or will be easiest to use.  It's okay.  I understand completely. 

I've worked with clients to find no-to-low cost eCommerce platforms to help get their businesses up and going online.  I'll even consult with you on the design and layout and provide logo headers for the site.  I can also set you up with affiliates to advertise on your site. 

It's tedious and difficult at times, but I can assist you in setting up a shopping cart, credit card payment software, and market online via keywords, Google applications, and Facebook interactions that will help your small business succeed.

My services are priced just right and will not drain the small business owner's pocket.
Email me today to discuss your needs and let's get started selling online! 

Project Consultant - Angela Wells

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