September 27, 2011

Organizing Life...

I'm a bit overwhelmed today....Yikes!  I don't know what to do or where to start first...says the person that does this whole organization thing for a living.  Yes, even I get out of sorts and need to bring it down like 3000 notches. 

I'm a young lady in her early thirties just trying to GET IT together and KEEP IT together, just like you.  Whether you are a mom, a young professional, married or single, we as women tend to take on so much without even realizing we need to take time for ourselves.  We put other people's needs ahead of our own because we are nice and not to mention good at organizing time and space. But where does that leave time for us?

I'm having a hard time lately just keeping my friends' events in order, attending business networking events and keeping clients' social media updates on target.  I have a plan in place for each of these tasks, but implementing it takes thought and effort in scheduling.  I still need to devise a plan to organize my financial affairs, my house paperwork, car maintenance, marketing plans, personal branding, job search, home office, bills, lists, and then some.

Where do you start?  Because thinking about it all at once is what causes a meltdown.  You already feel defeated like you'll never get it all done. Think about putting it all down on paper, better yet, put it in Excel.  If you are truly an Organized Techie like me, this will work wonders. Column A will be your Home, Office or Life category that shows what areas you want to organize.  Column B will be the tasks you want to associate with organizing your home, office or life.  From there sort based on the categories in Column A. See there, that's the simple version of a quick list.

Wanna go Big? You can even make a Column C that stresses importance, later, high or low, today's date, tomorrow night, next month or however you want set the timeline and goal....then sort the file again.  Of course if you like lists like me, then you will need more columns to be more specific about tasks.  I don't want to just organize my home, but I want to organize my bedroom and then to be more specific, my closet.  That will add another 2 columns for sorting.

Make sure you pick out something small each day to do and re-address the deadlines you've set.  They may need modifying as you add/delete items from the list. 

So I feel better.  I've added some things to my list that I need to accomplish by tomorrow.  Writing this blog was one of them.  Let me know how I can help you get started. That is half the battle.

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