October 31, 2011

Anyone for a drink...

Here's a cute way to decorate your first apartment kitchen.  Check out these stylish and easy to hang 8x8 wooden wall art.  They are the perfect ingredients for a successful Girls Night In. 

You can get these at my favorite store for low priced accessories, Garden Ridge Pottery. Priced right at 8 bucks each, they are an excellent way to display your favorite drinks and remember how to make them after a hard day of work. 

Just think you can have art for the same price of these drinks in the club. You have to decide, are you addicted to Design, Partying or both?  It's your call, but you shouldn't pass these up!

I would love to shop for these and other great finds!

The Lemon Drop is my favorite! Best Girly drink ever!  Happy Toasting!


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