October 27, 2011

Remove. Reuse. Redesign.

How awesome is this?!  Smart use of marketing unused space on the Houston Pavillion's part.  Seeing the need of the community and addressing it. Kudos to the team!
This event has me TOO exited. It operates on the the very premise that I love most.
Removing, Reusing, and Redesigning. 
Just think of all the pretty finds that people have removed from their homes.  And imagine all the ideas you will have to reuse those items to redesign your space and make it awesome!  
I won't be in town...Bummer! But, I will definitely let you know when there will be another one.  I'd love to help you shop for your space.  Just think of the all the awesome items that will be available.
Go if you can and let me know how it goes.

Le Garage Sale at Houston Pavilions
Huge Downtown Garage Sale...Houston Pavilions Style
TRINKETS + TREASURES at Le Garage Sale at Houston Pavilions | SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 | 9 TO 3
Houston Pavilions | The Center of It All

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