October 6, 2011

Handy, Cute and Organized...Oh, My!

As a young, professional female, I actually have an affection for being handy. I'm a regular DIYer and have a love anything hip and modern and from Home Depot...LOL 

When I got my house 2 years ago, I'm the crazy single lady that wanted a foreclosed, fixer upper just so I could fix it up and make it my home. Not many of us like working on our homes or the housework that it entails, but I found these tools to add to my daily fix up/clean up routine that bring me joy during the work!

Here is a super cute way to be skilled with a screwdriver...(and I'm not talking about the drink). Look good hanging that frame on the wall or changing out kitchen cabinet hardware with this stylish and feminine took box. I even got one to skirt about town with my tools so that I'm always prepared at my clients' homes. 

Check it out at www.alicesupplyco.com.  It's a new line of modern products for your home for just us girls!  Forget the clunky, heavy plain rusty red things our dad's carried in the pick up trucks (yeah, I'm from the country and a daddy's girl).  These tools boxes are stylish and keeps all your matching handled tools neat and handy.  You go, girl!  Now you can fix things on the go.....And be posh at the same time!

Don't have time to shop and get your toolkit organized?  Let alone have time to get the small things done around your home? Better yet, have time to even clean out that garage to even have a place to put your new toolbox and tools?

Contact me!  I can help you get organized all around...If you are in the Houston, TX area.  I take appointments and can work with you after work and on weekends. 

Email today at Angela@organizethechaos.com. I'd love to help! 

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